The full programme for CiE2021 will be announced in due course. Below you already find info on the invited speakers and special sessions.


Invited speakers


Laura Crosilla

University of Oslo, Norway

Cantor’s paradise and the forbidden fruit



Markus Lohrey

Universität Siegen. Germany

Compression techniques in group theory






Joël Ouaknine

Max Planck Institute for software systems, Germany

Christine Tasson

tutorial speaker

Université Paris Diderot, France



Keita Yokoyama

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Reverse mathematics and proof and model theory of arithmetic



Special sessions


Computational geometry

Organizors: Maike Buchin (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany) and Maarten Löffler (Utrecht University, Netherlands)


Wolfgang Mulzer Free University Berlin

The many computational models of computational geometry.

Tillmann Miltzow Utrecht University

Recent trends in geometric computation models and its relation to the existential theory of the reals.

Esther Ezra Bar-Ilan University

On 3SUM-hard problems in the Decision Tree Model.

Karl Bringmann Saarland University

Conditional lower bounds for geometric problems.



Classical Computability theory: Open problems and solutions

Organizors: Noam Greenberg (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) and Steffen Lempp (University of Wisconsin)

Marat Faizrakhmanov, Kazan Federal University
Title: TBA

Andrea Sorbi University of Siena
Title: TBA

Liang Yu Nanjing University
Title: TBA

Ning Zhong University of Cincinnati
Title: TBA


Proof theory and computation

Organizors: David Fernández Duque (Ghent University, Belgium) and Juan Pablo Aguilera (Ghent University, Belgium)

Lorenzo Carlucci, University of Rome I “La Sapienza”
Title: TBA

Francesca Poggiolesi, CNRS, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Title: TBA

Yue Yang, National university of Singapore
Title: TBA

Leszek KolodziejczykUniversity of Warsaw
Title.: TBA


Quantum computation and information

Organizors: Harry Buhrman (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Frank Verstraete (Ghent University, Belgium)


Church’s thesis in constructive mathematics (HaPoC session)

Organizors: Marianna Antonutti-Marfori (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany) and Alberto Naibo (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)


Computational Pangenomics

Organzors: Nadia Pisanti (University of Pisa, Italy) and Solon Pissis (CWI and Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands)

Francesca Ciccarelli, King’s College London, UK.
Title TBA.

Benedict Paten, University of California Santa Cruz, USA.
Title TBA.

Brona Brejova, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Probabilistic models for k-mer frequencies

Rayan Chikhi,
Pasteur Institute, France.

Title TBA.