News and updates on CiE 2021

On this page you can find regular updates related to changes in the program and schedule.


  • Due to an electricity cut, the tutorial session of Chirstine Tasson on Monday July 5 was partially cancelled. The next session, planned on Tuesday July 6 will start at 9am Ghent time instead of at 9h30 am.
  • The tutorial by Russell Miller is now available: part1, part2 (pass:*C1o.3Cm; the link contains two videos, the second one is the tutorial), part3.
  • The tutorial by Christine Tasson is now available: part1part2, part3 [pass:*C1o.3Cm], part4 [pass: #63qJkP0]
  • The slides of Christine Tasson are now available here
  • The recording of “TD implies CCR” by Liang Yu and Yinhe Peng is available here